How to keep your flowers fresh

A bouquet of flowers that we receive as a gift is the closest object that express love, and emotion. There is no one who is not excited about the sight of a colorful flowers bouquet. At the same time, only a few know how to keep the bouquet alive for a long time and how to prevent it from dying. This is a problem that is common to all types of flower deliveries and it also exists in bouquets designed for special occasions. The solution is to know the key rules and adopt tips that are essential .

The most important tip is not to keep the bouquet on your windowsill. Although you want to be proud of the bouquet you received and the flowers will spread pleasant scents throughout the house, sunlight will cause your flowers to die within a day or two. Keep a bouquet of flowers in a shady place without direct sunlight and change the water daily to keep them fresh. In addition, prepare a good mixture for the flowers and mix tap water with a little sprite or apple cider vinegar. Adding a few drops of bleach will make the flowers last longer and prevent the water from unpleasant odors of decay.
– Another important point is to clean leaves that have fallen into the vase or leaves that touch the water contents of the vase – this step will prevent the leaves from rotting.

Is it worth transferring the flowers to a vase?

An equally common dilemma is whether to transfer the flowers to a vase immediately after delivery or keep them in the original form of the bouquet. In this context one should check how fresh the flowers are. This can be done by looking at the bottom of the flower petals and checking the amount of leaves that have been torn from the flower in the past. A young rose for example should not be plucked more than two or two times, but the more leaves are plucked the more you can conclude that the flower is at the end of its life. In these cases it is definitely better to leave it and enjoy it while there is time left.

If you received a delivery of fresh flowers directly to your home or office, quickly transfer them to a suitable vase. Do not switch between bouquets before washing the vase thoroughly and use alcohol or bleach to disinfect it. Also, do not panic if the flowers do not smell. Most ornamental flowers have no scent and their advantage is height growth and durability.
Before you transfer the flowers to a vase in your home, cut the flower steams at an angle with a sharp knife. This step will prevent the tip of the stem from clogging and allow the flower to drink the water with maximum effectiveness.
 In any case, do not put the bouquet in the sun, or near a fan / air conditioner opening / fruit-fruit bowl that infuse 
Emitethylene gas, which causes the flowers to wither. True, the fruit bowl looks great alongside a colorful bouquet, but it shortens its life length  significantly.

so in conclusion :

1. Do not keep the bouquet on the windowsill.
2. Change the water every day.
3. The magic formula-
To make a better mixture for flowers than just tap water, mix water with sprite (not diet!) or apple cider vinegar   In a ratio of 1: 4 in favor of the water, and add a few drops of bleach. It is also recommended to use distilled water or air conditioner water. You will not believe how long they will last
4. Wash the vase before use.
5. Keep away from fruits.
6. Do not use scissors-
Instead of cutting the flower stalks with scissors, use a very sharp, non-serrated knife, and cut the stem at a diagonal angle, and renew the cut every three days.
7. Chop the leaves daily with a sharp knife and diagonally.
8. Keep their original shape ..
9. dont but flowers on the roads or at  the intersection
The bouquets of flowers bought at intersections have often been in the sun for too long, and even so they are already nearing the end of their lives. Choose a flower shop that you know that keeps the flowers in temperature and humidity that do them good and prolong their life.
10. Keep the flowers away from the window sill air conditioner

Flowers give us love but also require investment of time and energies. Follow the key rules and you will enjoy them for a longtime.Pre-select fresh flowers and discover a world of options.